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Re-elect Irv Slosberg 

State House of Representatives

​District 91

State House District 91


Irv Slosberg


  • Highway & Waterway Safety Subcommittee  Democratic Ranking Member 
  • Choice & Innovation Subcommittee 
  • Education Appropriations Subcommittee 
  • Regulatory Affairs Committee 
  • State Affairs Committee 

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Democrat, for State House of Representatives, District 91.

My name is Irv Slosberg and I'm committed to making your voice heard in Tallahassee. Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise my children, run my business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Irv grew up in Chicago and graduated from Roosevelt University in Illinois. He has three daughters Wendy, Emily, and Dori. In 1996, Dori was tragically killed in a car crash. After her death, Irv was devastated. But he did not want any other person to go through what he went through. In 1998, Irv lobbied the legislature to enact legislation requiring primary enforcement of the seat-belt. Irv was told that such legislation was impossible to pass in Florida. However to Irv, nothing is impossible, so he made the decision to run for state house and to pass seat-belt legislation himself.

In 2000, with no political or campaign experience, Irv launched his campaign for State House. His major endorsements were from his father Sam Slosberg and his mother Sylvia Slosberg. He worked day and night in the district learning all of the important issues. Ultimately, his hard work paid off and Irv won his first bid for State House. Once elected, in Tallahassee, he tirelessly worked the legislators to pass primary enforcement of the seat-belt. And again, his hard work paid off. The Dori Slosberg -Katie Marchetti Act was passed making primary enforcement of the seat-belt the law in Florida.

Irv has served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 to 2006, Irv was again elected to serve in 2010, 2012, and 2014. He is currently seeking re-election in 2016. 

Legislative Accomplishments
Irv passed legislation such as no trucks in the left two lanes on I-95, 24 hours a day; mandatory driver signals; and provided a surefire funding source for driver education by adding $5 to traffic citations.

Other legislation he championed included harsher penalties for repeat DUI offenders, including breathalyzers installed in cars to start the ignition; and he extended the statute of limitations against the exploitation of the elderly bill. Irv brought in 24 million dollars of state funding for guardrails on Florida’s Turnpike and recently was part of a team that secured the installation of guardrails on State Road 80. He instituted vision tests for 80-year-old drivers; brought in 1 million dollars for the South County Jewish Federation Transportation Services for senior transportation; and 500 thousand dollars for healthcare funding for Holocaust survivors.  Irv passed life-saving yellow dot legislation, secured funding to rebuild the 4th DCA, and passed a measure that  allows district school boards to implement a safe driver toll-free telephone hot-line to report improper driving or operation by a school bus driver.

 Irv wants to continue to serve as your voice in Tallahassee. A voice that echoes your concerns. A voice that matters. A voice that cares. #LetIrvServe